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Awaken Your Soul - Iboga / Ibogaine Retreats, Costa Rica

In the quest to spread the magical spirit and healing of a sacred medicine, the magnetic pull led to the establishment of Awaken Your Soul. We have been able to save a lot of lives on different levels thanks to the help of special medicine plants like Iboga. The unquestionable aesthetics, personal truth as well as the truth that underlies the human condition have been uncovered using this method and we have made it our objective to share some of our experiences with you.

Iboga is an amazingly strong tool used for healing in several facets of the human life and can be even more useful and efficient than we even know. We have observed several changes in different people who have committed to the use of Iboga for as little as one week, and since that is the case, we have decided to make more people know about it. People can leverage the incredible capabilities of Iboga to create the life they always wished for.


What Is Iboga?

The Iboga medicine helps us reconnect with our soul.

Iboga is gotten from the deep jungles of Africa and it has the capacity to detoxify the body, mind, and spirit. It works by searching deep inside of us to find our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional levels and helping us heal whatever needs healing. It is particularly helpful in areas such as:

  • Establishing a long-lasting spiritual transformation
  • Reconnecting us with a newfound sense of inner peace
  • Extremely beneficial to people with conditions like anxiety, PTSD, depression, addiction and so on through its ability to search deep within us for the source of the pain and heal us from within.
  • Re-establishing a connection with our spirit/soul.

In the spiritual discipline of Bwiti, the Iboga plant is referred to as the Tree of Life because of its infinite healing capacities. It is something that has been in existence for several hundred, if not thousands of years and have been used by men in periods older than we can imagine. The tradition, love, and beauty of this Tree of Life are something amazing and we at Awaken Your Soul have made it our life's work to share it with all parts of the world. 

At Awaken Your Soul, Costa Rica Retreats, we do not make use of the pharmaceutical grade Ibogaine; we make use of the natural roots in its purest form. It is true that the pharmaceutical grade Ibogaine is extracted from the Iboga roots, but the extraction process has made it lose some of its potent properties. For instance, the chemical Ibogaine contains only 1 of the 12 alkaloids present in the natural Iboga roots; obviously, the potency of the chemically extracted Ibogaine cannot be compared to that of the natural roots in its purest form.


Iboga started finding its way out of the jungles of Africa when the Ibogaine was discovered in the 1960s. The extracts from this powerful healing plant have helped in the treatment of people addicted to alcohol, crack, cocaine and heroin. It is also useful in the treatment of opiate addiction because of its capacity to halt drug withdrawal.

The thought of getting into a painful withdrawal phase is painful for people addicted to a substance. With Ibogaine, the physical symptoms of withdrawal are minimized to a bare minimum, making the whole process a lot easier for the patient.



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